NewYork Lives!

ONLY NY is a clothing company based out of New York City that holds the feel and the rawness of New York it's self. From the shirts with New York street slang and graffiti written across it to the basic all black "ONLY New York" tee, each and every piece gives you that urban New York city feel. I came across this line about four months ago in a store in which I frequently shop called "The fizix" and from what I've seen I seem to be the only one who wears it out here in California even though Im sure Im not. It seems to me that each time I wear my all black ONLY tee someone asks me "whats that shirt mean" or says "I like your shirt, where can I get that?" I just laugh and answer their questions and continue on with my day.

For more on ONLY NY visit their website at

and if your in the San Diego area and would
like to check out The Fizix clothing store
or want to check out their website visit them at www.thefizix.com

The Fizix
2828 University Ave Suite 105
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 543-9909

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