5 Star Chick

Nicki Minaj shooting her part for the "Five Star chick Remix" video. She's finally getting out there and doing her thing outside of the mixtapes. She just needs to come out with her own video now and a cd. Alot of people sleep on Nicki Minaj but she's gonna take this female rap music to a whole nother level I swear!


Clever As You Wanna Be!

The choreography in this video is pretty legitt and I was talking about it over twitter the other day and I found out that the choreographer (Sean Bankhead) is teaching a class in Los Angeles at Millineium Dance Studios. He twittered me and said I should come take the class, So I sure am going to take him up on his offer and take the class on wednesday.
If you dont know about Sean Bankhead I would suggest googling him
or follow him on Twitter

NewYork Lives!

ONLY NY is a clothing company based out of New York City that holds the feel and the rawness of New York it's self. From the shirts with New York street slang and graffiti written across it to the basic all black "ONLY New York" tee, each and every piece gives you that urban New York city feel. I came across this line about four months ago in a store in which I frequently shop called "The fizix" and from what I've seen I seem to be the only one who wears it out here in California even though Im sure Im not. It seems to me that each time I wear my all black ONLY tee someone asks me "whats that shirt mean" or says "I like your shirt, where can I get that?" I just laugh and answer their questions and continue on with my day.

For more on ONLY NY visit their website at

and if your in the San Diego area and would
like to check out The Fizix clothing store
or want to check out their website visit them at www.thefizix.com

The Fizix
2828 University Ave Suite 105
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 543-9909



So Nixon came out with a new line of watches by the name of "Time Teller P" and this weekend I received my very own purple on purple, glow in the dark version of the watch. As you can see they come in all different colors and styles. The watch at the top is the next one in which I plan on purchasing.

Kaws x Clipse

Artist Kaws and Rap artist The Clipse are featured on this month's Dual cover collector's issue of Complex Magazine. When first seeing the cover I was kind of taken back because I hadent seen or heard anything from the Clipse in I dont know how long so I wanted to knw why they were even relevent for this cover. After futher reading and Google searching I found out that they're comming out with a new Cd and and have a new single out which feature's Producer/Rapper Pharrell Williams. I dont particularly like The Clipse but to each's own I suppose. On the other hand Kaws in my personal opinion is one of the dopest and most unique cartoonist and artist out right now. His work can be seen everywhere from Kanye West's "808's and Heartbreaks" cover to I-D Magazine editorial's.

And Then There Was Me

So alot has happend since my last post and alot has been on my mind. I have the opportunity to move to Brooklyn, New York and pursue an internship in which I've had my eye on for some time now or I can stay in California and move to Los Angeles in July of next year. All in all I feel both are equal opportunities to further my career and make a name for myself. Also since my last post I have been invited to attend the America's Best Dance Crew Finale on September 29th but have decided on not attending. I feel that the show isn't as entertaining and exciting as the three season's before, I guess you can say "I just dont see it" for ABDC anymore. Moving on...I'm still doing the whole college and work thing even though I'm somewhat bored with the same routine. I think I just need a more exciting job or something of that nature because this basic routine in which I've become accustom is not working any longer.


A Rose By Any Other Name

It seems like everyone is in like with Amber Rose, she almost came out of no where with her blond fade and pink lipstick and to me she's something like a breath of fresh air. Yeah she's a OG stripper chick from Philly but who cares?! Honestly she's beginning to outshine Kanye and his big ass EGO and making a name for herself outside of being known as "Kanye West's Girlfriend."
Hopefully she doesn't become and #EpicFail and get lost in the drug in which we call "Hollywood."


Beat Phish

Rihanna Es Muy Caliente!
Fashion's Night Out 2009


So I've Been Late

At first my posts were on the daily and now I kan barely post anymore bekause of hacker by the name of samantha. That bishh hacked my whole komputer and no I'm unable to do anything. These last weeks have sucked majorly and this weekend seems to somewhat suck already