And Then There Was Me

So alot has happend since my last post and alot has been on my mind. I have the opportunity to move to Brooklyn, New York and pursue an internship in which I've had my eye on for some time now or I can stay in California and move to Los Angeles in July of next year. All in all I feel both are equal opportunities to further my career and make a name for myself. Also since my last post I have been invited to attend the America's Best Dance Crew Finale on September 29th but have decided on not attending. I feel that the show isn't as entertaining and exciting as the three season's before, I guess you can say "I just dont see it" for ABDC anymore. Moving on...I'm still doing the whole college and work thing even though I'm somewhat bored with the same routine. I think I just need a more exciting job or something of that nature because this basic routine in which I've become accustom is not working any longer.

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cjOhnsOn said...

we're so on the same page!