NOH8 Campaign

I Love these NOH8 pictures and the efforts of the people who run and support the whole NOH8 Campaign. I feel that everyone deserve's the same rights as one another no matter what it is. The thing Ill NEVER understand is why people feel that other people's marriage's effect them?! Like honestly what business is it of anyone else's who someone else gets married to?! Then they want to preach about the Bible and what it says and truth be told half of the people quoting the Bible and ranting and raving over gay marriage are the same ones doing the things the Bible say's not to do. No one is without sin, so who in the hell are you to judge someone elses way of living or the things they do?! At the end of all of this only GOD can judge us, so what makes you so diffrent from me or anyone else?! Im just going to keep what I have to say limited but I support the NOH8 Campaign 100%!
To Learn more about the NOH8 Campaign and their fight for equality

Boom...It's Anjulie

So I work at Starbucks and we play a vast variety of music on the daily, from Etta James to John Legend we play it all. Well one day while at work Anjulie's song "Boom" started playing and her voice just stuck with me. She somewhat give's that 60's music vibe almost similar to Solange's last album, "Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams." I never knew who sang it, but now that I have found out I thought I needed to share it with you all. Anjulie also has a self titled album out and from what I've listend to it's pretty good.

For more on Anjulie and her music visit her
MySpace Music Page

or follow her on twitter at @ANJULIEROCKS

Amanda Blank and such

Amanda Blank's video for "Might Like You Better"


Change of Heart

I want the highlighter green and orange glasses
and the white and green t-shirts!
Marc Jacobs was great for comming out with
the Stephen Sprouse Line of Louis Vuitton!
I once told one of my twitter followers
that the above shirts were too Flamboyant
and then I walk into some random in front of
the Kodak Theater with the pink shirt on
and took my comments about the shirts.
Oh well I suppose opinion's change, right?!


In Fresh We Trust

Neef Fresh is her name and this 23 year old photographer who hails from Brooklyn, New York plays no games with this photography and graphic design stuff. I first came across her work on MySpace, I saw her default and was stunned by the effort put into it and I requested her as a friend. When I checked out her profile I was DONE! I swear she went hard as hell on the layout for her page and then I saw her photo albums and saw some great shit. In no way am I a groupie for Neef but I do give props when I see things out of the norm that interest me. To see more of her work feel free to check out her MySpace or her ModelMayhem profiles.

Shade?! I Think Not

It seems EVERYONE in the blog world posted about Rihanna's Italian Vogue cover today.
Honestly it really didn't do anything for me, her dress on the cover was couture and whatever but I really couldn't appreciate it. Maybe if they wouldn't have used so much Photoshop on the image I could get into it but honestly I just don't see it.


Alumni Clothing

Im ordering these two peices for my fall wardrobe even if its ALWAYS summer in California.
Alumni Clothing

I Want You

Fefe Dobson was recently featured in the newest issue of Honey Magazine and was interviewed on everything from Rihanna copying her steez to taking a three year hiatus and signing with a new label. Im just happy shes back with a new single entitled "I Want You" and an album entitled "Joy" which is soon to be realeased. Ive always loved Fefe and her unique way of singing and dressing even back when she was signed with Island Def Jam and was rocking out on Mtv. Hopefully she stays active in the industry and doesnt decide to take another hiatus.

See the interview and the rest of the pictures

Easily Persuaded

So I was on Kanye's blog and I kame across one of James Piatt's Persuader Bags which is priced for about $579 and features a cellphone compartment in the clip. Its Constructed by interlocking laser cut leather this handbag has no stitching. The thing im wondering though is what happens when your going threw airport security or something like that?! Security is gonna look at you crazy as hell walking threw the airport with that bag.

The bag can be found at;

My Mac Notebook w/ the Pro tools!

So im sitting here lowkey irritated by the fact that my computer (That I JUST fixed) is doing a a BIG FUCKING SHIT! I need to stop bullshitting and just buy a new Macbook Pro and call it a day. The worst part about all of this is that school finally started and im thinking everythings gonna be great and then this shit happens; ughh!! Oh well I suppose everything happens for a reason. On a higher note I came across these uniquely different Macbooks with all kinds of designs on them.


I Wanna Thank God and The Gays

Lady Gaga arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles,Ca


This weekend my Best Friend and I took a trip to Santa Ana to see Irieside and Eek-A-Mouse at the Galaxy Theater. The concert was the most interesting concert ive been to ever. It was the best concert ive been to besides when I went to see Common in LA.

Cosmic Journey

I have a friend by the name of Chris he's seventeen years old and is the Editor and Creator of two up and comming some what successful blogsites in which I follow. You all should check them out and see the things he talks about. He was somewhat my inspiration for creating this blog that I have today!


The people kall her KESH!

The Adventures of KESH!
So there's this girl by the name of Kesh who I have wanted to meet for the longest time. I first kame across her on MySpace and let me just tell you how she is like a quadrupole threat, I swear she does it all. She DJ's, she does fashion, she's a blogger, and a photographer among other things in which I don't know. What I do know is that if I was to ever meet her id probably die; LOL. She's different and not afraid to take risks with the things she does. If you want to know more about her hit up her blog at therealkesh.blogspot.com