NOH8 Campaign

I Love these NOH8 pictures and the efforts of the people who run and support the whole NOH8 Campaign. I feel that everyone deserve's the same rights as one another no matter what it is. The thing Ill NEVER understand is why people feel that other people's marriage's effect them?! Like honestly what business is it of anyone else's who someone else gets married to?! Then they want to preach about the Bible and what it says and truth be told half of the people quoting the Bible and ranting and raving over gay marriage are the same ones doing the things the Bible say's not to do. No one is without sin, so who in the hell are you to judge someone elses way of living or the things they do?! At the end of all of this only GOD can judge us, so what makes you so diffrent from me or anyone else?! Im just going to keep what I have to say limited but I support the NOH8 Campaign 100%!
To Learn more about the NOH8 Campaign and their fight for equality

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